Prize Linked Savings with Bitcoin

Pool is live on June 4 2020

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To play, join an open pool by contributing as little as one Satoshi (0.00000001 BTC). The more Satoshi you contribute to the pool, the greater chance you will become the Swym Champion and win the prize.

Swym Pool Goes Live

Once the pool is live, all of the bitcoin in the pool is deposited with lending partners and begins accruing interest. The interest rate this week is 2.89% annually.

Swym Pool is Closed

One player is randomly selected and crowned the Swym Champion. Their prize is the interest accrued by the entire pool. The initial bitcoin contributed to the pool is then returned to each player's wallet in full.

Pool Stats

500000 sats Estimated Prize for Next Pool
72825000 sats Current Pool Contributions
4 Jackpot Winners From previous pools


What is Swym?

Swym is a zero loss lotto style game. 100% of the funds contributed to the pool are returned when the Swym pool is closed. One lucky individual, that pool's Swym Champion, will receive the interest earned from the Swym pool as a prize.

How does Swym earn interest on the bitcoin in the pool?

Swym deposits the funds with partner lenders that pay interest weekly. These partners are carefully vetted and currently pay out up to 10% interest on an annual basis.

Is there risk I do not get my bitcoin back?

All bitcoin contributed to the pool is protected from lender risk and insured using Bitgo for up to $100M.

How does Swym make money?

Swym earns a percentage of the interest accrued by the Swym pool to keep our community of Swymmers growing and offer new pool types and other ways to win, save, and learn about bitcoin and crypto for basic finance.

How do I know the Swym Champion is selected randomly?

The Swym Champion is selected in a drawing that is broadcasted live. Swym uses an open source and fully auditable random selection program to make the selection. Each Satoshi contributed to the pool serves as 1 lotto ticket for the Swym Champion drawing. Swym will send out an email with a link to view the live drawing to all particpants.

Is there a way for me to know how much bitcoin is already contributed to an open pool?

This feature is scheduled for release in our upcoming update in the very near future. This update includes a progressive web application that gives players real time insights about the current open pool and expected prize amounts.

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